Why “Don’t follow me”?

I am sure some people think it’s an odd name for a website or a Facebook page however my name wouldn’t be Alien if I was normal right?

My reasons for: “Don’t follow me – I am lost too”.

I would say it started in Tenerife when my flatmate pointed at a t-shirt who had on the front: “Don’t follow me” and at the back “I am lost too”. Clearly it was an inside joke.

First of all I am already a little prehistoric since I do remember the times when we had to call in… to be able to use the internet,  the first cell phones, first smartphones etc…
In other words the times when Google Maps wasn’t just a given fact or App to open on your phone. So here goes the story.

Work had arranged accommodation and for some kinda reason we had never been given a street name of the place we lived. We did have like a name for the apartment block or corner. Which I found out after a few weeks however it didn’t seem to stick…. So taking a taxi when you are lost just wasn’t really an option since I am sure the taxi driver doesn’t do “Take me home orders” ….

There are many more times that I walked for hours and hours to find that place, in particular after a night out. I always blamed my flatmate for not taking me home, but then I never wanted to come along with her. However, there is one particular story that really made me blush.

On one of the first evenings when we went for some drinks. I had a few drinks too many and I decided to go home it really wasn’t all that far. So I started walking and I came at a particular roundabout and this is where things always got very confusing for me. The streets were darker and everything just looked dark and hadn’t I seen some light thingy here? Hmmm…. ? Maybe this one…. No recognition points anymore…. it wasn’t THAT far! Tipsy as I was and so many streets later I couldn’t trace back my steps anymore neither.

3.00 o’clock in the morning…. an area that’s known for robberies at night. I shouldn’t be here for too long….I saw a black street vendor smiling at me in order to sell me something. Helpless as I was I asked for help in my best Spanish. I would love to believe I spoke very clearly. However I do recall a huge struggle trying to communicate with this guy. Because I had to explain him that I didn’t know where I lived, that I was lost and that only my flatmate knew where we lived. That I didn’t know where my flatmate was. I mean I knew she was at the bar I came from but I didn’t know where the bar was. The bar was kinda red and there were absolutely no other bars around. I do realize now that there were plenty of other bars just a little further past the bar but ~ Hey, I  didn’t know that~. This guy did deliver me back at the bar where I came from in the end.

The next day people told me all their drunken stories and with a very confused look they would add: “You disappeared for a  while and you came back later with a very strange guy. He was like a black hippy, with dreads, It looked like a street vendor.” Where I would just blush. “Really? I can’t remember.” That’s another thing, the alcohol there was from a very poor quality providing me with the biggest gaps in my brain of my entire life.

Weeks later my flatmate in the meanwhile had upgraded her internet package and she asked: Why did you sent me this? “Hi , I am Juan I am with your friend she is lost. Where are you?” It took me a few seconds and a lot more blushes to explain….

So when she pointed at the t-shirt with the quote “Don’t follow me, I am lost too” it made perfect sense and again it made me blush and giggle at the same time.

But in all honesty It wasn’t the first or the last time I experienced these kinda stories. I remember asking directions in Australia to a hostel “the big orange one” I called it. I mean I have no clue how people even understood me …. or knew what I was talking about but…. they eventually  pointed me in the right direction….  I just never seem to remember where the hell I live …  every corner looks exactly the same and when I finally start to make my way around it’s time for the next place.

Another reason that I’ve picked this name is because “us” travelers we don’t have it any better together than anyone else who has settled down. We are just as lost as you, we might be more adventurous. We might not have a mortgage or a house to call home but we  also have family issues, housing issues, love issues, etc….

You might be offended and think, I am not lost. Well first of all I am happy to hear you feel that way however isn’t the grass always greener on the other side? Isn’t there always something in your life that you want to change?

Another reason is that I came to the realization that I don’t mind being lost, I don’t mind not remembering where I live. Does it really matter where I live? I remember once when I was walking down the street looking for a hostel, completely clueless of where I was going. Carrying my enormous backpack, I saw a homeless guy sitting on the street with a board and it stated: “I am homeless” and all I thought was: “Hey, me too, should  I go sit aside him?”

And my last reason, stating the obvious… You gotta love the irony, I mean “Don’t follow me – I am lost too” but follow me and join my Tribe.

Read more about the Tribe concept later.