The main reasons to go travel!

1. It will open your eyes

You’ll get out of your comfort zone and discover there’s so much more next to what you know.

Things you assumed to be normal will no longer be considered to be normal but as a habit of yours or your family or country.

At the same point it will make you doubt your opinions, your beliefs, politics everything you were strongly convinced of will not be longer considered as a fact but as  a “This is my Opinion”.

2. You’ll get to know yourself

You might find yourself in circumstances you never thought possible and still do it with a smile.

Or you might have a dream come true but actually hate it and not remember why you ever thought this would make you happy 😀 You will discover so many little things about yourself, your limits, your joys, your worst nightmares!

3. You will learn about different cultures, history and languages

You’ll get to know different beliefs, different personalities, politics, economics, histories, foods and how to deal with it.

4. It will change you

You’ll be more social; spontaneous flexible, confident, easy-going, adventurous, less materialistic, independent and responsible. You’ll see things in perspective and it will make you immediately more tolerable and more open-minded towards other opinions in short it will make you a better person and so much smarter!

5. Fun Fun Fun

You will discover cultures which will make you quiet

You will see the most beautiful landscapes and the most beautiful architecture

You will hear a variety of music, opinions and nature

You will taste so many flavored and colorful foods

You will experience to be independent

You will feel emotions you’ll never had before

You will explore your horizons

You will challenge yourself

You will smell things you can’t describe

You will learn something every day

You will  find unexpected things in impossible places

You will search for answers

You will meet people from all around the world

You will leave people and things behind

You will make memories that will last a life-time

You will expect the unexpected

You will live your dream and worst nightmares at the same time

Do you still have excuses not to travel?