Tribe – Concept

Have you ever thought that I have to have a hidden agenda? 
Actually I do have a hidden agenda…. BUT it’s not what you think!

I want to create a Tribe/ community.

A bunch of like minded “digital nomads” doing various jobs as software developers, website developers, translators, subtitles, affiliates, remote workers….

Who move every 3 months to another destination.

And join every week 3 events f.e.:

– Weekly Lunch (Wednesday)
– Weekly excursion (Saturday)
– Weekly Drinks (Sunday night)

Without obligations – At No CHARGE

Where you choose everything….except for the destination.


Moving as a digital nomad can get exhausting you meet so many people but you hardly ever stay for the same duration. When you finally get to know them a little you or they are leaving…. and although it felt for a week like your best friends…. You’ll most likely never meet paths again.

You meet someone you like…… and the next day she/he is going …. Wanna prevent this from happening…. come tag along…. and become part of the family!


A bunch of travelling freelancers or remote workers who move about every 3 months from destination to destination.

Creating a family to come “home” to



A community where you can determinate everything yourself.

Your  budget.

Your  accomodation.

Your coworking-space.


Join the FB group: Follow me- Tribe and find out the next destination.

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