Why not travel?


QuestionsIt’s too expensive

Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive.
You can make it as expensive as you want it to be!

  • Get in saving mode – SAVE SAVE SAVE
    • Do you really need an extra lamp or a new laptop or that cute little dress?
    • Do you really NEED this get back to basics and.
  • Work and Travel
    • You can’t wait until the time you’ve saved enough to go travel.
      No worries do 2 things at the same time.
      Check this out.
  • Couchsurfing
    • Couchsurfing is a virtual community developed to connect like-minded travelers. The website provides a platform for members to “surf” on couches by staying as a guest at a host’s home, host travelers, or join an event.

It’s too dangerous

  • Compare and view from a distant perspective
    How dangerous is it really compared to your hometown?
    Since robberies and shootings happen all over the world and I’ve never heard it was SAFE to walk alone on the streets anywhere.

LonelyI don’t have anyone to go with

  • Join an organized tour
  • Join like-minded people on special organized tours for people who are in the same situation as you are: Contiki,
  • Search for like-minded partners on the internet
  • Go Solo
  • Traveling Solo is HOT since it gives you so many positive benefits!
    You’ll meet other solo travelers, you’ll only do what you want without any discussion.
  • Go study
    You’ll meet plenty off people in your class

I have a boyfriend

Convince him
It would surprise me if you couldn’t convince your boyfriend of your passion, your heart and soul

Travel solo
Go travel solo your boyfriend surely doesn’t want for you to regret not realizing your dream YOLO!

Old rusty carI’m too old

You are only as old as you let yourself believe!

Times have changed and you are only as old as you feel!

You FEEL young ACT young and enjoy life and all its perks, you are never too old!

I’m too young

There’s an expression that says young taught is old done! 🙂

Go study abroad!

For under aged people there’ s still plenty of opportunities to go travel.
Stay with a host family
Whether it’s an exchange program, a language course or anything else there are plenty of options out there…. Trust me 😀

It will affect my career 

  • Boost your CV
    Traveling doesn’t have to be a bad factor on your CV it can boost your CV, it shows your independent, responsible and flexible and these are just a few of the main points.
  • Look for a job abroad!
    Take your Career on another level, everybody will admire you for the extend of your courage.

I don’t have time

Take Sabbatical / Leave without pay
This will not affect your career since the job you have will still be there when you return!

I’ll travel One Day

I might sound as a bumper sticker but there might not be a tomorrow. Trust me no matter how careful and how many precautions you take you never know what tomorrow brings. Postponing is just another word for giving up.

communicationI don’t speak the language

Find a country where they do speak your language!
Install a dictionary/language App

There’s nowhere I really want to go

You just need some inspiration no worries. Nobody has ever gotten more stupid because of traveling…. It opens your eyes…. Let yourself be amazed and inspired…

I hate planning trips

Don’t plan

  • Go on instincts and take a travel guide
  • Take an organized trip

MortgageI have a mortgage

Rent your house out, Swap your house!

I have kids

Take them with you – kids go free!

Have you noticed that people tend to come up with more excuses not to go… than to go!