Packing Essentials

We’ve all been there…. 

The suitcase just doesn’t close right away. We push. Pull. Jump. Climb on top of it.
Just to be able to close that zipper.

What do you really need when you go on the road?

The Essentials

A Backpack or suitcase?

  • Backpack:  Travelers who plan to take public transport to their accommodation,
    travelers going to multiple locations/ accommodations on a regular pace.

    • Important: You are only supposed to carry 20 % of your weight on your back.
      So 70 kg person is allowed to have a backpack of 14kg in total.
    • Size
      60L Backpack : Warm holidays
      80/90L Backpack: Cold/Warm countries (think shoes and sweaters)
  • Suitcase: One destination holidays.
    The suitcase is only seen twice a year during the annual holiday. One time leaving home and one time returning home.

Travel towel

This ultra light and ultra compact towel is great as a beach towel but it’s also great when it’s not provided in the hostel. It dries quickly so you never have to use a wet  towel again! An additional benefit is that it doesnt’ take much space into your laundry!

However be aware this is not a nice, soft, spongy thing, you can get a nicer one at a higer  price. I buy my travel towels always at Decathlon. Let’s be honest I don’t want to pay more than 15 Euro for a towel. Besides more expensive doesn’t mean quicker drying or lighter, it just means softer.

Flip flops

Not just for a beach holiday!

Sharing showers… this is a hygienic concern take your Flip Flops and fix them permanently to your feet if you like. Or until you put on other shoes….
Caution: Flip Flop lovers: Subtropical countries with rainy seasons might have heavy rains.  The muddy water will travel to the back of your legs and might even caress your bum a little if you are wearing your beloved foot wear.

Dividing bags

Struggle to find clean clothes ? Always digging for underwear, socks and sport gear?
Just divide your stuff with dividers to find things quicker and easier.

Vacuum bag

You never seem to be able to close that thing? The vacuum bag does not only press your clothes in almost half  it also keeps everything dry in case your backpack would get soaked or because of any other circumstances….


Private or shared room it doesn’t matter if there’s a fire you don’t want to be completely naked. Do you?


There’s nothing more annoying to arrive at a destination and not to have a possibility to charge your stuff. We are so depending on all this technology that we can’t live without so take a multi country converter that wherever you go…. “You’ll be just fine”.

Only for frequent movers during their holidays!

Hang up toiletry bag

Because sometimes there’s no real clean place or dry place to put your toiletries and there is almost always something to hang it up! My favourite from Sea to summit view here.

Travel pouch

You might have the same strong negative feeling towards these tourist pouches like I have.
I mean if your hair and skin colour won’t point it out your a tourist, that thing definetly will!

I do consider this item as part of your essentials. My advice just wear them under your clothes and only during transfers.
Put some of your most important things inside them. Hop on a bus or train and sleep in peace. More info about staying safe on the road will be provided later on…


YES and NO, Why?

  • Yes: Some hostels don’t provide linen
    Scared for Bedbugs get a treated liner and sleep in peace
  • No: I don’t like to be limited in space.
    I don’t mind opting for another hostel if I don’t trust the bed or there’s no linen provided.
  • Recommendation: I’ve never used one, get another hostel if you don’t like the bed. Worst case scenario (buy or rent linen- it’s not the end of the world).

Travel guide

Lonely Planet: My sacred Bible / Life saver!

It tells you how to go from where to go prices all you need to not be LOST.
A must whether you get it in digital form or in a book! You need it.


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