Holiday representative

What do you have to do as a Holiday Representative?

The life of a Holiday Rep can be very hectic and chaotic. Depending on destination things can be very different. Nothing is ever sure and everything has to be done. But by who and when and what? This might be a slight mystery at first.

Airport Shift

At the airport you might have noticed there’s usually always a bunch of people with boards waiting at the arrival gate.

As a holiday representative you’ll be one of these people….

What do you have to do when you have an Airport shift?

At the airport you’ll wave your board and Cross names of your list and direct these people to the right bus to make sure they arrive at the correct hotel.

When you (and your colleagues) have seen everyone. You count the people on the bus to make sure they are all present. You’ll give them a flyer or an envelope and provide them with the basic Airport speech.

When you’re alone you’ll never do more than 30-50 people (no more than 2 buses).
One to say hello and farewell and another you’ll tag along to go back to the main tourist destination (where you live obviously).

Usually you’ll don’t go more than 2 times per week to the airport. However this depends on how many flights arrive and on your colleagues/ work load.

What do you have to say during the See Inn or See off?
See an example here: Airport Speech.

Airport Reps

When flights are coming in on a daily base there might be an Airport Rep on the destination. When there is an Airport rep on destination, holiday reps won’t have to go to the airport.  Te Airport Rep will have a higher basic salary than the Holiday Reps due to the fact that they don’t earn any commission.

Welcome meeting in the hotel

At the hotel you’ll try to provide a welcome drink if possible at the hotel. This might be in the Lobby or in a meeting room at the hotel. There you’ll provide the guests from some more information about the hotel, area, etc…

See more info and examples here: Welcome meeting

Visiting times in the hotel

After they’ve landed and visited you at the welcome meeting. The guest might still have some additional questions or they might want to book an excursion if they haven’t yet. They also might just be visiting you to know the departure times that you usually put up during your visiting times. Minimum 2 days in advance they are put up or written down in the folders.

Visiting times can be tidious but it can also be very chaotic and rewarding.
Still whether they are just asking for the best tapa’s in the area they have an issue or anything else. You’ll find a solution or answer to their request. That’s why you’re there.

Although the guests are always right. They might not be exactly right according to the general terms and conditions or the Hotel description.  For standard questions guests ask. Make sure you already have a filled in Hotel Check list.


You usually get to make your own planning.
Great and annoying at the same time.

It’s a timeconsuming job, but a good planning is a good week. Your planning has to be approved by your teamlead. I used to love this part since you can set everything to your hand and adapt when necessary. It’s your responsability you get everything done.

Good to know

How many hotels will you have to take care of.

Usually you will have 3-6 main hotels and sometimes you’ll have some connected hotels which means you only have to foresee the departure times and make sure the folders are up to date.

Can you eat in all hotels?

No, this depends on the hotel.

Before making your planning check with the hotels and don’t forget to also take in account their opening hours. I mean if diner starts at 20.00 you might ask your manager to work from 17.00-20.00 instead of 16.00-19.00.

Working hours

Working days are usually 9-13 17-19.
Which are like 7 hours per day… However there’s a lot of organizing, follow ups, issues to be resolved which can’t be done during working times. Liquidation to be  done( money). Team meetings, etc….

Don’t underestimate it…. You won’t be spending every day at the beach….

Depending on what tour operator you are working for you might have one day and a half or two days off.


Basic salary + commission

Basic salary is usually about 700-800 Euro. Additionally you’ll have commission of minimum 200 euro which will be recalculated at the end of the term.

They assume you eat in the hotel and you have free accomodation so in theory you don’t have that much expenses so you can save your basic salary.
In all honesty I always thought it wasn’t that much but if you have a job at home it isn’t that easy to save every month 800 Euro.

If you are lucky with your hotels your commission can rise up to 500 Euro in high season. This highly variates from destination to destination and from the hotel package and guests you are dealing with.

Information in the books/ Website

Sometimes they make you proofread booklets. Or check info with the hotels to make sure everything is up to date. This can be another additional task.

You are also responsable for all the info on the boards and the folders. They need to be up to date at all times, neat and available. Don’t be surprised if your folder dissapears or a page dissapears. Especially departure times.

You are always responsable so cover your ass and make sure you note it down and that it is still present the next time you visit!




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