Picking your Backpack

It is the most important and the most expensive thing you’ll buy of all your essentials.

Why a backpack?

If you’re not planning to go hiking or climbing you might wonder why you would prefer a backpack to any other suitcase or trolley?


No lifting up and down the stairs

A trolley might seem easier since you just have to pull it and it rolls instead of carrying the entire thing on your back however traveling from one place to another on a daily base will make you rethink this option.
Trolleys have to be lifted on steps. So any metro or train you’re taking might cause a struggle. Next to that if you stay in a hostel or anywhere else you might have to carry your luggage all the way to the fifth floor…. Can you imagine carrying it in a trolley up the stairs? Quote often the stairs are so narrow that it is a true struggle to manifest your suitcase including yourself all the way up. So compare it with a small backpack and a small trolley… 

Made of lighter material

Maybe you still remember those unhandy suitcases that came in hard plastic with two little wheels making it true hell to roll the thing forward. Not only were these things extremely annoying to walk with they were also very heavy. They are still very much alive though so their durability is FOREVER! Backpacks are especially developed to be as durable as possible and as light as possible. After all we are only meant to be carrying 20 % of our own weight in a backpack!

Trolleys come with additional wheels and plastic handle and most of the time they will weigh more than any backpack would.

Easy accessibility

Have your undies, washing gear and medicine within hand reach!

Important features:


Don’t take it to big because the bigger you take your backpack the more you’ll put in it
Another interesting fact is that nowadays backpacks are available in all sizes from 90 l to 10 liter backpack.

I suggest for a hot destination 60 liters and for a winter destination 80 or 90 (since whatever you’ll do you will need extra  shoes! Mind the weight 20% of your weight!

Very important is to take a backpack you like, since it will be you’re home you’re dragging around in it…

You want it to be easy accessible reachable and have everything you need.

A very important thing that it has to have is you want it to be able to stand up on its own.

Why ?

First of all if it is empty it won’t fall in to a dump of cloth you will still be able to acces your stuff easily that’s inside and will also be able to put stuff inside it.

Next to that if you have it on your bag you will not feel a shoe pointing in your back or whatever hard shaped souvenir or utensil you’ve put in it will be poking at your bag while you wear it.

If you’re lucky it will provide some distance between you’re back and the backpack so you’re not backpack isn’t stuck to your soaked sweating t-shirt.

Lock it!

You want a slight part to be lockable. You can easily lock any part that comes with two zippers.


Because you don’t want anyone to have an easy acces to your passport/ money or credit card or anything else valuable.

They can however steal your dirty laundry at all times…. Be my guest

Rain cover!

Most rain covers are attached to the backpack. You might think it is not necesarry however if it starts to rain out of the blue in a tropical place…. There is not always time to go get shelther and even if there is it might  take all day before it clears up….

Other circumstances it can be useful….

For example they placed all our luggage on top of the van since there is no way we would fit AND the backpacks would fit in the Van…. They placed a cover on top of the backpacks however it rained very heart… I didn’t have any thought about it but my backpack seemed to be on the sides and got soaking wet…. My clothes weren’t only wet they smelled very nice to afterworse…

I have more examples but believe me! You will need it at some point!

Protection for flying

Cover bag. It does what it says it covers your bag and prevents the straps to get hooked up on any other or inbetween any other item. To receive  a backpack without any missing traps or handles.


You don’t want thin straps. There’s a lot of weight in the backpack so thin straps will cut of your circulation you want them as wide and foamy as possible so the weight is divided over your shoulders and buttocks.

Not to big either. If they are too big they will prevent you from moving around and they will be cutting in to your arms which will feel like you’re pushed back.

A little foam is nice!

Since all the weight is on these straps a little foam to release the strong pull of the weight of your backpack is always nice…. Also on your but!

Female Male

What’s the difference

The main difference is that the backpacks for Males are taller since most males are taller than females. Next to that usually the female ones tend to have more cushion on the bottom straps and the shoulders straps are more slim to avoid breast discomfort. 

For me it is important to have cushions in the bottom since I have a good firmed but to place the backpack on… (which makes it comfortable and easy to put the backpack on. If I can strup the cushion in the right place.




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