Language course

Have you ever been lost and not being able to communicate where you wanted to go?
Have you ever gotten the wrong order because you just ordered wrong because of the language?

Wait no longer and do something about it, study AND enjoy a holiday at the same time!


A language course abroad. It is exactly what it says it is. You’ll study every day a language in a foreign country. So not only are you learning the language and are you confronted with the language on a daily base it is also a great way to go on a holiday and benefit of the extraordinary weather or the beloved kitchen. The amazing waves or the fantastic nightlife. You’ll also meet a whole bunch of other like-minded people with different cultures and backgrounds. They are there for the exact same reason: to learn a language and discover everything about the culture and habits of this amazing country you’re visiting.


The easiest is to book everything with your language school, then the only thing you have to provide is your proper transfer. A little harder but also a good option is to arrange everything yourself, accommodation and school. Most Language schools do not offer just language classes quite often they also organize a variety of group activities and sport classes such as surf and dance. 


  • Career move
    You can do an exam after completing the course which is beneficial to put on your resume.
  • Personal development
    Because you learn to speak to the people who actually live in the country.
    Not only will you be able to order what you like in the shop, you will also have an opportunity to really get to know them.
    To understand their customs, their habits, their culture, their thoughts about the politics and the world. It is so much different to get to know somebody who actually lives in the country then to just listen to what people say about them  and what the news whispers or indirectly points out to us. Give everyone an equal chance.